I am so thrilled with how quickly you arrived to secure my home. Your workmanship is top notch. Can I call you for other repairs?

Lorraine S. Charlotte, NC

Robert, you personally provided the professionalism that his rarely seen today. We were happy with the repairs. Thank you for a job well done.

Jamie O. Charlotte, NC

Robert- Both Jen and I am thankful that you and your employees were the ones that we selected to work on our home. Should you ever need a reference please feel free to call us.

Randall M. Stallings, NC

Storm Damage Cleanup Charlotte - (704) 721-5568 – Hail Damage, Roof Repair

When inclement weather causes serious damage to your home or office, you need a trusted contractor to repair the damages. The expert contractors at Preferred Restoration specialize in repairing storm damaged buildings all throughout the Charlotte area. Just a quick call to 704-721-5568, and our team of specialists will be at your home or office to assess the situation and make the repairs necessary to restore your home back to its normal condition. We are known for quicker service than any other company in the Charlotte area.

Storm, Hail, and Wind damage can create an emergency situation that is very difficult to deal with, all the more reason you need the experts at Preferred Restoration by your side. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did.

Our Storm Damage experts at Preferred Restoration take care of the following:

  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Shingle Replacement
  • Window Replacement
  • Claims processing
  • Water Damage Repair

Storm Damage in the Charlotte Area causes millions of dollars of damage each and every year, with the bulk of the damage coming between April and September.

When Storm Damage strikes your home, it can be a very serious problem. Not only can hail and wind cause damage to your roof shingles and siding, it can also cause serious water damage in your attic and framing. This is one of the main reasons that calling Preferred Restoration would be your best move. Not only do we have years of experience repairing and replacing hail damaged roofs, we also have the expertise to take care of any water damage you may have, as the water damage can cause much more serious problems. Why hire multiple contractors when one call to Preferred Restoration will take care of all your needs?

Call us today for your free proposal at 704-721-5568,
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